Kamis, 05 April 2012

Ladies Moment

Quality time with my gossip ladies and take picture for remember that moment

when I saw 'me' in that photo, I was thinking WHY MY FACE SO DIFFERENT with the others picture I have before. Too fast for getting old :(

4 komentar:

  1. happy faces go to pretty chics ;)

    eyniwey.... i finally changed my former blog's URL from ladyblackqueen.blogspot.com to navartierre.blogspot.com :) i've braved myself to just reveal my real name now teehee :D

    would love to hear more from youuu! xoxo

  2. Awwww you guys are so fun and happy! :D

  3. young ladies, awe! :D i miss my friends now... we're so far away :( i miss all those quality times we can spend as friends...


  4. @ Adinda - Cliff - Sera

    Big thanks for you guys, visiting my blog and leave comment in this post. Meet my friends always the special moment and I miss my friends everyday :)