Minggu, 04 September 2011


quality time with my DEDEW. almost complete personel, yeah minus Queen. miss you cempreeeng. oke, our holiday time will run out and we can meet our 'real life' college. so, we decide to take a picture with some amazing place in Bontang. FYI, the sun really bright! Helloo asian's sexy colour skin hahaha. you know, this is so fun. the moment like this would rarely do anymore since we already different city. let's see ...

I love this stuff

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  2. love the "missoni" lookalike pattern seems like you have so much fun!


  3. girls days out ya? :) lovely outfit, i like it ;)

  4. Hi dear! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am really happy to hear that. :) You are stunning at these pictures!
    Love And-mary.blogspot.com

  5. @baju24 I'll visit back ur blog, thx

    @Cindy aaa thanks cindy, Im so glad to read ur coment in my post, ur my Inspiring. xoxo

    @Mary thanks Mary, ur so amazing

    @Indi yeaah, they're my lovely friends when Im in high school and now we so far away cz we're in different college now. thx for visit my blog :*

  6. @Dorothy thanks. I'll visit ur blog